Manchester, Connecticut

About Us

The Water and Sewer Department is organized into five sections with various responsibilities. The sections are Administration, Treatment, Field Maintenance, Engineering, Laboratory and Customer Service.


An Administrator, Senior Administrative Secretary, Senior Account Associate and a Scheduler staff the Water & Sewer Administration section. The major functions of the Administration Office are: Serving as the Town and its resident’s contact point for the Water & Sewer sections for daily operational and/or administrative issues, as well as in all serious and emergency situations. The Administration section in conjunction with the other five Water & Sewer sections are responsible for the planning, developing and maintenance of the annual capital and operating budget. Coordinating the Department’s policies and service related to staff payroll, human resources and accounts payable; coordinating and supporting professional development training to the staff. Prioritize and process information pertaining to emergency and non-emergency maintenance needs requiring the scheduling of personnel and equipment to work site locations and provide information to citizens and agencies.


The Treatment section is responsible for the 24-hour per day operation of the water and wastewater treatment plants. The Water Treatment group consists of six State-certified water treatment operators who run the water filtration plant and the groundwater treatment facilities. The treatment facilities produce a safe and ample supply of drinking water for the Town. The Wastewater Treatment group employs twelve State-certified operators who run the wastewater treatment facility to ensure protection of the environment by treating the community's wastewater prior to discharge into the Hockanum River. The treatment process removes solids and harmful nutrients from the wastewater to reduce the impact on fish and other organisms in the river. Both treatment sections produce water which consistently meets all Federal and State standards.

Field Maintenance

The Field Maintenance section consists of four groups with a total of twenty-two employees. The Transmission and Distribution group maintains and repairs the water distribution system throughout the town. They respond to water emergencies 24 hours per day. The Construction group performs water main replacements to eliminate old or undersized water or sewer mains in the system. The Source of Supply group manages approximately 4000 acres of watershed land and maintains all of our facilities and easements. The Sewer Line Maintenance group maintains and repairs the sanitary sewer lines and manholes which make up the sewage collection system. They respond to sewer emergencies 24 hours per day.


The Laboratory is State-certified and is responsible for the daily testing of water and wastewater samples. These tests ensure that the public water supply meets all Federal and State drinking water standards and that the Town's wastewater is sufficiently treated prior to discharge to the Hockanum River. The laboratory staff provides an important role in quality assurance through consistent system monitoring. The lab staff provides information to customers concerning water quality and will perform water analyses for customers at no charge.

Customer Service

The Customer Service section is responsible for billing and meter reading of all water and sewer accounts. They provide assistance to customers about opening and closing accounts, meter installation and repair, leak detection, cross connection testing and water conservation.

***NOTE: Engineering

The Engineering section is a branch of the Department of Public Works that is responsible for the design and inspection of projects necessary to install or replace water and sewer facilities. They also perform utility markouts and are the source for information about records and mapping. In addition, they issue permits for connection to the Town's water or sewer systems. The Engineering group is located at Lincoln Center, 494 Main Street, Manchester, CT 06040