Manchester, Connecticut

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Atlantic States Rural Water and Wastewater

Environmental Protection Agency - The mission at the EPA is to protection human health and the environment.

 Environmental Protection Agency Office of Ground and Drinking Water: Information about water quality standards, source water protection, etc.

EPA Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently asked questions about drinking water regulations, safety, testing, etc.

EPA Drinking Water and Health: What you need to know about drinking water.

WATER ON TAP: A Consumer's Guide to the Nation's Drinking Water: This report provides information about water treatment, testing and the safety and security of public water systems.

Department of Health - The mission of the Dept of health is to protect and improve the health and the safety of the people of Connecticut.

Connecticut Department of Public Health-Drinking Water Division: This department oversees all public water systems in Connecticut.

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

EPA Information about Private Wells: For homeowners with private water supply wells.

Centers for Disease Control-Waterborne Illnesses: Information about health effects and prevention of waterborne disease.

American Water Works Association: The largest organization of water supply professionals in the world. AWWA represents more than 4,000 utilities supplying water to approximately 180 million people in North America.

Connecticut Section AWWA: The State section of the American Water Works Association.

Water Environment Association - National Association dedicated protecting water resources.

New England Water Environment Association - NewEngland chapter of the water enviroment association.

New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission - Non profit organization that coordinates a variety of water related activities between members states.